For Companies And Individuals

Steel Impex has a long and successful history of buying from businesses including: motor manufacturers, metal recyclers, demolition companies, car dismantlers, waste management companies, civic amenity sites and the general public.

Our weighbridges are manufactured and calibrated regularly by Vagamont – reputable third party who are accredited to UKAS standard.

The goods you can sell to us


We buy all grades of ferrous metal including:

  • Car bodies
  • Cast Iron
  • Cut Grades
  • Girders
  • Iron
  • Oversize Materials
  • Piping / Valves
  • Steel scrap

We buy all grades of non-ferrous metal including:

  • Aluminum
  • Brass
  • Cables
  • Copper
  • Lead
  • Pyro
  • Stainless Steel
  • Zinc
Dangerous Waste

We buy the above mentioned waste:

    • ELV (End life Vehicle)
    • Batteries
    • Electric waste
Plastic waste

We buy all grades of plastic waste including:

  • PET bottles (loose or baled)
  • Pet Lumps & Granulate
  • Preform (test tubes) & Granulate
  • HDP
RAW materials

We buy the above mentioned waste:

  • steel sculls
  • steel rolls

We buy the above mentioned waste:

  • car tires
  • truck tires

We buy the above mentioned waste:

  • cardboards

Requirements and payment methods

Requirements for Companies:

Cooperation with companies starts by signing a business-cooperation contract with specified terms of delivery, exchanging the integral license numbers, waste codes, prices, advance agreed terms and date of payment.

Requirements for Individuals:

According to the Serbian law, it’s a requirement that our company must verify the identity of anyone we buy material from. The documents that we have to get from a physical person are:

  • valid ID or passport
  • Bank account documents
  • Purchase sheet with a statement that the sold material is owned by a person who brought the scrap to our yard*

Steel Impex Payment Options for Individuals 

Steel Impex offers our customers a variety of cash or cashless payment options, so we can pay for your metal scrap at the best price as quickly as possible. Payment options include:

  • Same Day Cash or Bank Payment

*Document will be given at sight.