October 2018

European Recycling Conference 2018

EuRIC, the European Recycling Industries’ Confederation, would like to kindly thank all members, sponsors, speakers, media partners and participants who took part in the European Recycling Conference 2018 last 10th September in Berlin.

The conference opened with a speech by Mr. Michael Schuy, President of EuRIC. Mr. Schuy underlined in his speech the importance of events such as the ERC 2018, which offered all its participants a unique opportunity to be informed and to discuss key policy and regulatory developments for the recycling industry while developing their business networks. “The ability to run a business in the recycling sector becomes each day more challenging and demands to constantly adapt to ever-changing rules and market conditions”, pointed out Mr. Schuy. With a high-quality program, the ERC 2018 covered these changing rules and market conditions for the recycling industry and succeeded at showing the different realities and points of view within a very broad industry.

The wide range of topics covered in the ERC 2018 was possible thanks to the diverse and expert profiles of the speakers. A special mention goes to Mrs. Regina Maria Dube, who outlined the recycling objectives of Germany in the framework of the completed revision of the EU waste legislation, and to Mr. Julius Langendorff, who presented the European Union’s priorities to implement the circular economy.

With close to 200 attendees, the ERC succeeded at bringing together representatives from different countries and recycling branches and provided them with a space to share their challenges for the future of the recycling sector. Leaders of the recycling industry such as Mrs. Susie Burrage, Mr. Hans van de Nes or Mr. Ettore Musacchi conveyed the importance of a value chain approach and the need for a well-functioning internal market for waste management and recycling and shared the concerns of the industry regarding the lack of proper interface between waste, products and chemicals legislation. “We are recyclers, an essential ingredient in the circular economy. We turn waste into a resource, preserving finite resources for future generations”, said Mrs. Burrage, President of EuRIC non-ferrous metals recycling and trade Branch.

The ERC 2018 sponsors (Steel Impex DOO, ANAMET SA, analyticon instruments gmbh, Troventum, Pooling Partners, Aurubis, Metallverwertungsgesellschaft mbH, Grupo Otua, Gervasi Ecologica, Cell-Data International, FER and Steel Orbis) offered a wide range of services and products for the recycling sector. From logistic services to blockchain technology, their presentations were a key element for the success of the business exchanges and networking promotion during the conference.

The ERC 2018 closed with a Networking Gala Dinner with a music show on a river cruise that offered the guests the opportunity to enjoy some of the most iconic places of Berlin after a very fruitful conference. EuRIC is already working on the ERC 2019 and we are looking forward for you to joining us again in 2019!

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Kapacitet za skladištenje PET ambalaže u svim našim centrima iznosi 3.000 tona godišnje.

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U 2021. godini zahvaljujući reciklaži ambalažnog otpada, proizvedeno je 1.467 tona manje CO2.

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Tri centra za tretiranje reciklažnog i drugog otpada na teritoriji Republike Srbije.

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Snaga solarne elektrane za napajanje kompletnog pogona u Kraljevu iznosi 550kW.


Ukoliko se pravilno odlaže i tretira, PET ambalaža može da se reciklira neograničen broj puta.

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