Steel Impex has facilities in Novi Sad and Kraljevo.

Along with conventional processing plant and equipment our Novi Sad and Kraljevo facilities are designed to maximize the extraction of ferrous and non-ferrous metals from feed stock.

What We Do


Our facilities in Novi Sad and Kraljevo accept new cuttings, both clean and painted, and process them into standard-sized dense bales for sale to our domestic and overseas buyers.

Vehicles Processing

As an approved authorized treatment facility (AATF) we are able to recycle vehicles that are deemed to have met the end of their life cycle.

When you recycle a vehicle with us we issue a certificate of destruction (COD) which is to be kept for your records.

At our main recycling facility Kraljevo we remove batteries, fluids and all other hazardous parts under guidance from legislation prior to processing the vehicle through our shredders.


Flame Cutting

For any oversize material that cannot be processed through one of our shears, it would be prepared to size via flame cutting or lancing if applicable.

Mobile baling

We offer this service to our suppliers that allow their material to be consolidated into dense bales that maximizes vehicle cube utilization for transportation.

Non-ferrous processing plant

Our Kraljevo site operates this facility to process low grade material containing Non-Ferrous which is screened to size.


All of our facilities take oversized material and shear them into internationally recognized grades for sale to our customers throughout the world.


Our facility in Kraljevo accept light and medium mixed metals, end of life vehicles and consumer goods and fragmentize them into clean, high-density furnace feed.

The shredding process also extracts non-ferrous metals for further processing and sale, with residual waste also prepared for further processing.


With our RAW program we process Steel Sculls and Slag.


At the moment Steel Impex has a license to take over your EE scrap and to warehouse it. In the same time we are under the procedure of getting the integral license for treatment of WEEE. Soon we will be able to offer a full solution to your WEEE recycling needs, if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at our head office

Plastic Waste

In the recycling center – in Kraljevo operates machine for washing and shredding waste plastic (PET). It performs a complete cleaning of PET bottle from labels, plugs, washes and mills everything at a size of 1-2cm. So-called PET flakes are then ready for further treatment and reuse.

Collecting of used tires

We are collecting used car and truck tires, and we are sending them for further treatment.


We are doing demolition servises (cuting, dismantling and demolition) with minimum impact on health, safety of workers and working environment. Before performance, we prepare an elarborate and apply safety precautions which are given by elaborate. Works are carried out in accordance with the law and regulations, and in accordance with the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.